Ethiopian Veterinary Association (EVA) is an autonomous non-for-profit professional membership organization in Ethiopia, established on June 22, 1974 through the initiative of 13 visionary veterinarians. The association is a member of the World Veterinary Association. It has a mandate of promoting and strengthening the veterinary profession, respect professional ethics and code of conduct, and above all to safe guard the right of veterinarians. In its lifetime, the association was re-registered twice with the most recent one made on July 3rd, 2019 and accorded legal personality with Registry Number 0495 as local organization in accordance with the Civil Society Organizations Proclamation no. 1113/2019 (First registration occurred in 2009). The association has close to 2000 members involved in different sectors of the profession.

Besides its role in protecting the rights and interests of veterinarians, the association has been contributing to the emergence of efficient, effective and competitive livestock industry in Ethiopia. The association is dedicated to policy advocacy, development, promotion, and dissemination of knowledge and good practices in the livestock sector and serving the interest of the society.

The purpose of the association is to advance the science and art of veterinary medicine, including its relationship with public health, biological science and agriculture. Specifically, the association

  • Strives to protect the interest and right of veterinarians;

  • Enables members, develop their veterinary and human biological medicine and agricultural profession;

  • Serves as a bridge for the veterinary medicine and other related professions networking platform;

  • Conducts discussions and researches in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations;

  • Cooperates and operates closely with the concerned government bodies and play its own roles in the veterinary health sector thereby directing the rules and regulations of the development activities;

  • Ensures that the professional ethics and standard are respected and utilized complying with the rules and regulations;

  • Supports the veterinary and related educational activities quality and standards;

  • Operate freedom and patent rights;

  • Develops the veterinary career thereby professionals, develop their expertise and operate their own, governmental and nongovernmental organizations.


       EVA aspires to become one of the top five professional associations in Ethiopia and ten in Africa by 2026.


     Highly committed to maintain members’ rights and benefits, deliver quality service, promote public interest through ensuring animal and people health, and create strong partnership with government, NGOs, and other professional associations.






Ethiopian veterinary association has been, and will continue to pursue its mission through a strong partnership with pertinent institutions and sectors, including governmental, regional and global organizations, which are engaged in veterinary education, agriculture, livestock health and research.