To process the legal permission from respected Government offices and settle the venue for the Conference, it became very much mandatory to begin per-registration of participants and identify their preference of attendance modality for the conference (Physical or Virtual). Please kindly use the following link  and register to the Conference.   

The Conference is expected to entertain various issues (scientific and business session among others), and it is mandatory to remind all our respected members that as the current BOARD has completed its term, and as per the Association’s By-law, during the annual conference there will also be an election to replace the existing BOARD members in the presence of majority of our respected members. 

We would like to kindly remind you to send your articles as per the call for paper until June 30, 2021.

The Conference date will be notified once it is confirmed. 

Thank you and looking forward to your active participation.

Please Book your seat here

For more detailed full description on conference theme and focus areas view /Read this  file carefully.

Thank you for showing interst and trying to be part of it.