HEARD Project has donated Essential Veterinary drugs to help fact recovery of drought hit livestock in Boran zone of Oromia region through the Ethiopian Veterinary Association


HEARD – is a European Union funded program designed to strengthen animal health services involving public and private sectors. Through the 11th EDF, ILRI and EVA have jointly component two  of the HEARD action under Result 2 and thus received a grant from the European Union to achieve the key results The pastoral communities of Borana zone of Oromia region have been hit by recurrent drought as a result of consecutive failure of rains from 2021 to February 2023. The EVA has been closely monitoring the drought situation in the region and moisture deficit woredas. The EVA as one of the key actors and implementers of the HEARD project extended hands for the drought affected livestock in Borana zone of Oromia region to help fast recovery of the core breeding livestock base. The Ethiopian Veterinary Association has officially handed over essential Veterinary drugs worth of 2,417,047.4 to seven HEARD beneficiary woredas in Borana zone of Oromia region.

One of the largest ranches in Boran zone, Yabello woreda, Dido Tuyura Ranch, which was established to preserve genetic of Boran cattle lost more than 700 cattle in the recent drought. The ranch was among the beneficiaries who receive the support. The drugs donated included multivitamins antibiotics and anthelmintic that are key to fast recovery of drought affected livestock. The drugs were officially handed over to Borana Zone administration last Saturday (June 10, 2023) at Yabello town in the presence of zonal Cabinet, delegates from Oromia, regional Bureau of Livestock, key figures from Ministry of agriculture and Ministry of Finance of FDR, Ethiopia and HEARD Oromia region and community elders and religious leaders at Borana zone administration. The zonal office of agriculture and livestock development acknowledged the donation by EVA HEARD and the support was key in filling essential veterinary drugs shortages in the zone and asked the continuation of the support through animal health, feed  and water development projects. The Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN) has filmed the official handover event and posted news on its official social Media. EVA has the plan to support drought affected HEARD beneficiary 4 woredas in Somali region with essential veterinary drugs worth of 2.4 million by next week in the presence of officials.

The EVA HEARD project would like to thank EU and all actors who made this happen.

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                       Article contributed by Fasil Awol(Dr), EVA HEARD Project Coordinator.

                        June 2023