Asefa Deresa (Dr.)

Assistant Editor

Asefa Deressa is a lead researcher at Ethiopian Public Health Institute, focused on priority zoonotic diseases epidemiological research filling knowledge gaps in zoonoses/ Veterinary Public Health using surveys and continuous surveillance, at national and regional scale surveys. His research was contributed in dog mediated human rabies elimination activities underway in Ethiopia. He has conducted molecular epidemiology of rabies virus circulating in Ethiopia where canine rabies is identified as the predominant reservoir compatible with African genetic lineages and reported mainly as responsible vector for wild and domestic animals incidence and transmission. He has authored and co-authored over 50 scientific articles including 2 books and one chapter in a book.

Represented Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) as National One Health Steering Committee (NOHSC) and in various Technical work-groups (Rabies TWG, Anthrax TWG, Brucellosis TWG, ASL-2050 and others. At this time in point fully engaged as Research Advisor for EPHI. Dr. Asefa Deressa holds a PhD in Veterinary Public Health (VPH), a master’s degree in Tropical Veterinary Epidemiology (MScTVE), and pursued Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).