the Ethiopian Veterinary journal (Ethiop.Vet.J.) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Ethiopian Veterinary Association(EVA) intended to promote animal health and production of national and regional /international importance. The journal publishes review articles, original research articles, short communication as well as technical notes in the English language.

Objectives of the EVJ

1. To stand as the official scientific organ of the Ethiopian veterinary association and serve as a medium of communication with professionals in the fields of animal health and production and other related disciplines.

2.to effectively disseminate research outputs in all spheres of veterinary service, veterinary public health, animal production, and other related fields of study.

3. to help promote agricultural development in Ethiopia and the sub-region as a whole through generation via research technologies, methods, etc, and dissemination of scientific knowledge to stakeholders and ultimately to end-users. Read more…


volume 25 no 1
EVA Journal
EVA Journal
EVA Journal
EVA Journal

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