EVJ – Volume 22

Number 1


Prevalence and identification of ectoparasites on indigenous chickens in Seharti-Samre District, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia…….(1-10)

Girmay Hiluf, Abrha Bsrat, Etsay Kebede, Yohannes Hagos

Survey on indigestible foreign bodies in the rumen and reticulum of cattle slaughtered at Nekemte municipal abattoir, Nekemte, Ethiopia………(11-25)

Desalegn Jebessa, Fethu Lemma, Tadelle Kabeta, Birhanu Sibhat, Yitagele Terefe

Health and welfare assessment of working donkeys in and around Rama town, Tigray, Ethiopia ….(26-39)

Shushay Fsahaye, Niraj Kumar, Etsay Kebede, Nigussie Abebe

Internal parasites of equines and associated risk factors in and around Guder town, West Shewa, central Ethiopia….(46-52)

Diriba Debere, Yimer Muktar, Solomon Shiferaw, Dinaol Belina

Prevalence of ixodid ticks infesting Raya cattle breeds in Semi-arid areas of Raya Azebo district, northern Ethiopia…..(53-64)

Meseret Hadgu, Habtamu Taddele, Atkilt Girma, Haftu Abrha, Haftom Hagos

Parasites of Nile tilapia (Oreochromisniloticus) from selected fish farms and Lake Koftuin central Ethiopia……(65-80)

Marshet Adugna Mitiku, Robert Konecny, Ashalew Lakew Haile

Ectoparasites of small ruminants in and around Kombolcha, northeastern Ethiopia…(81-93-110)

Mohammed Seid, Tesfaheywet Zeryehun, Jelalu Kemal, Berhanu Tilahun

Carriage and antimicrobial resistance of non-typhoidal Salmonella in cattle slaughtered in Ambo municipality abattoir, West Shewa zone, Oromia, Ethiopia – a point prevalence survey…..(94-109)

Beyan Ahmed Mustefa, Endrias Zewdu Gebremedhin

Meta-analysis of camel trypanosomosis in Ethiopia…..(110-127)

Desie Sheferaw

Prevalence and species composition of major internal and external parasites of calves in selected dairy farms of Bahir Dar milk-shade….(128-142)

Yeshwas Ferede, Lissanework Mola, Zelalem Asmare