EVJ -Volume 26

Number 2







 Volume 26 No.2




Effects of supplementation of different indigenous species of browses to Arsi-Bale yearling goats on feed intake, growth performance, and helminthes loads ….. p (1-17)

Amsalu Sisay, Tegene Negesse, Ajebu Nurfeta

Antimicrobial resistance status of selected bacteria isolated from animal source foods and feed in Ethiopia ….p(18-37)

Belachew Tefera, Tamiru Tilki, Nardos Tefera, Zerihun Bayene, Sileshi Belew, Rigbe Haftu, Fediko Tolasa, Yosef Nuguse, Sinke Ararso, Daniel Getachew, Befikadu Soyum, Tenaw Andualem

Epidemiology of camel contagious ecthyma and molecular detection of the pathogen in Arero district, Ethiopia …..p (57-71)

Bareda Diba, Benti Deresa Gelalcha, Birhanu Ayele, Bedane Adane

Participatory epidemiological study on the burden of rabies in animals and humans in three districts of Buno Bedele Zone, West Ethiopia ….p (93-106)

Moti Wakgari, Gari Getachew , Gijs Van’t Klooster, Nega Tewolde, Fredrick Kivaria, Charles Bebay

Distribution of E. coli biotypes shed by dairy calves in selected dairy farms in Bishoftu, Ethiopia ….p (132-145)

Aragaw Ebabu Akane, Tesfaye Sisay Tessema, Destaw Asfaw Ali

A One Health approach to investigate bats as a potential source of zoonotic mycoses in selected areas of Mpumalanga province, the Republic of South Africa ….p (143-157)

Tilaye Shibbiru Mengistu, Ilana van Wyk, Marinda Oosthuizen, Lientjie Cohen, Jeanette Wentzel